New Improved Fixed Beta
about 3 years ago

Enter LeadDelta 2.0! 🎉

After long and painful refactor and dealing with technical debt, Leaddelta is shinier, faster, and more effective than ever. 👏

Enter LeadDelta 2.0!

With LeadDelta 2.0, you will obtain a 10,000-foot view of your professional network. Organize your business contact book the way you want. No ads, no distractions. Unlock data, tags, notes, filters, send personalized messages at scale, and more.

Version 2.0.6 -make sure you have it installed- brings:

• Auto-magical connections updates
• More FILTERS! Location filter, Headline filter...
• Export fields including LinkedIn URLs
10x the speed of the previous version
8-step onboarding service

Next up:
• Control your busy feeds with group follow/unfollow
• Message templates