Custom table columns!

Now you can truly own the table view, because you can choose which columns you want presented inside the Leaddelta! How cool is that?

Job titles added to the table!

Now you can check for Job Titles and very soon you'll be able to filter by Job Titles.

Pabbly Integration is LIVE!

Super happy to announce this highly requested integration with Pabbly (Zapier alternative).

Exclude Tags - Contains Tags / Does not contain Tags

Introducing negative tag filters.

As a user, I can filter by "Contains Tag X" and "Does not contain Tag Y."

This is useful when a single contact has multiple tags.

CSV export improved

First name, last name are now two separate columns in a CSV

Untagged or "No-tags" connections –is finally live! πŸŽ‰

As one of the users puts it:
"Tagging is a big part of organizing my contacts. By filtering for 'untagged' connections I'll know they need organizing more."

Page number selection πŸŽ‰

New Improved

Version 2.7 is now LIVE! πŸŽ‰

Here we go:

β€’ NEW Update to Profile dropdown - info on the email and in case of a Lifetime user; we added the banner.
β€’ NEW Download Connections with Notes & Tags + you can choose to Download all or just the selected ones.
β€’ NEW Disconnect from a Connection keeps the connection grayed out in your LeadDelta.
β€’ NEW Option to Remove a Connection from LeadDelta for good.
β€’ (v3) Improved the speed of updating connections.
β€’ Info page - page informing you that you need to update to the latest LeadDelta version.
β€’ Added Profile Pic URL to the Export .csv file.
β€’ Exposed Company and Headlines field to Zapier.

Expose "Company" and "Headline" fields to Zapier

Zapier - new fields
New Improved Fixed

Version 2.6 is now LIVE πŸŽ‰

  1. Introduced another filter - Contact Info where we have three states: All, With Contact Info, Without Contact Info
  2. Sorting by Company Name
  3. Improved Search by Connection name - we are using Start with matching now
  4. Bug fixes and minor improvements
    1. Sign out from LinkedIn issue fixed.
    2. Integrations page fix.
    3. More Zapier apps added.
  5. Pabbly design screens -done. Working on the integration!

Version 2.5 is now LIVE (major updates!)

You can now register with any email and use LeadDelta on any Chromium-based browser – including but not limited to Chrome, Edge, Brave, Vivaldi, and over 15+ others.
New Improved Fixed

Version 2.4.0 is now LIVE

Chrome Web Store version 2.4.0
  • Added to the project with the updated roadmap and help videos
  • Improved template name placeholders insertion
  • Reported issues fixed
Up next: working on the new sign up for the following week

Help Center, how-to videos, chat

Leaddelta resource center and crisp chat inside the app are now live.

Zapier BETA

Zapier closed BETA is here! πŸŽ‰

Check it under the integrations inside your Leaddelta app.

Until we hit 50 users on Zapier <> Leaddelta, Zapier will remain in closed BETA so if you'd like to gain access please message me at with your Zapier email and you'll gain access momentarily.
New Improved Fixed Beta

Version 2.3.0 is now LIVE

  • ZAPIER closed beta
  • Added
  • Added
  • Integrations page
  • Zapier support
  • Back-End audit logs
  • Improved download CSV functionality
  • Fixed errors
New Improved Fixed

Version 2.2.0 is now LIVE

  • Tags should work much faster now (refactored)
  • Updated connection item layout
  • Improved placeholders
  • Improved hidden connections presentation
  • Tags are aligned left now much more appealing
  • Connections content is top-aligned now
  • Updated Connections item layout
  • Added proactive bug testing to the app so that we can be proactive in solving problems
  • Manage Connections link is now presented as a button in the popup menu, and much more obvious
  • Improved the onboarding "get started"
  • Improved application layout
  • Added tags preloaders
  • Other minor updates and bug fixes.
New Improved

EOM NEW Updates! πŸŽ‰

β€’ Control your busy feeds with GROUP connection follow/unfollow.
β€’ And when there is a new feature, there's the new filter! Check it out (Video).
β€’ Message templates v.2 is here! You can now apply LeadDelta templates inside LeadDelta (well, obviously!) and in other Web Apps, too! How cool is that?
New Improved Fixed Beta

NEW v2.0.7

Version v2.0.7 [make sure to have it enabled] brings:
β€’ Control your busy feeds with connection follow/unfollow v.1
β€’ Improved 7-step onboarding
β€’ Location & Headline filter

Next up v.2.0.8:
β€’ Message templates v.1
β€’ Group follow/unfollow v.2
New Improved Fixed Beta

Enter LeadDelta 2.0! πŸŽ‰

After long and painful refactor and dealing with technical debt, Leaddelta is shinier, faster, and more effective than ever. πŸ‘

Enter LeadDelta 2.0!

With LeadDelta 2.0, you will obtain a 10,000-foot view of your professional network. Organize your business contact book the way you want. No ads, no distractions. Unlock data, tags, notes, filters, send personalized messages at scale, and more.

Version 2.0.6 -make sure you have it installed- brings:

β€’ Auto-magical connections updates
β€’ More FILTERS! Location filter, Headline filter...
β€’ Export fields including LinkedIn URLs
β€’ 10x the speed of the previous version
β€’ 8-step onboarding service

Next up:
β€’ Control your busy feeds with group follow/unfollow
β€’ Message templates

Introducing billing πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ’»

Subscription & LTDs

After welcoming over 300 active users and receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback, it is time to go all in! To scale and improve our service, we are introducing a subscription model v1:

1. Monthly subscription = $10/mo
2. Yearly subscription = $6/mo paid annually
3. Lifetime unlimited deal = $150
How can we improve? Send us a message:

Improved Fixed

Tags v2, dealing with technical debt πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ’»

  • Automated profile updates v3 – we can now update around 350 profiles a day if you keep your Leaddelta tab open. This will keep you safe, and it will help unlock YOUR data in one place. We've done 3 silent iterations on this feature to make sure that we got it right.
  • Tag manager v2 – now you can better manage your contacts by using the power of our v2 tags. Go ahead, knock yourself out and organize your contacts like you always wanted to.
  • 10x speed boost v2 – our latest Database restructure will give you a 10x boost in loading and manipulating data. Version3 will take it to the next level. Stay tuned.
  • CRM view – We've improved the CRM, table view of your connections.

Next up:
  • Moving front-end heavy-lifting to the back-end
  • Adding more filter options

Please share your feedback at

That NEW v1.3 + Message Placeholders πŸ’Œ

Fresh out the oven features 🀩

Message placeholders – Group messaging just got better! We've added personalization fields. We will add more, but for now, you have first_name and last_name placeholders.

Pro tip: I've been doing bulk messaging for +6 years. Adding lots of personalization fields would only get you in trouble. People can smell you trying to fake-personalize. Don't do that. Instead, keep it simple. Aim to save time and get engagement. If this is your first time reaching out to someone. Keep it short and sweet. 1-2 lines. That's it. Go back and forth. Your goal is to start the conversation. Not to spam (I hope)!
New Improved Fixed

πŸ‘‹NEW LeadDelta features β€” now live for you in v.1.2.3

#1 – Improved speed & bug fixes πŸ’«
β€’ We've upgraded our database and scripts to make the app faster
β€’ Contact info is now merged to save space
β€’ More actions/visit takes you to a profile of a selected connection
β€’ When you click on your profile photo it takes you to your profile
β€’ It's now even easier to leave feedback or ping our support, we've built a Slack bot that sends your messages in real-time to our team. So go ahead, ask away.

#2 – Faster profile updater [Pers. favorite] 🀩
β€’ Coming next – auto-updates ⚑️

#3 – NEW sorting options πŸ”—
β€’ You can sort by A-Z, Z-A, Oldest/Newest
β€’ Default sorting is by the Date connected

#4 – Bulk select & bulk messages πŸ“

β€’ Bulk select now works as it should, selecting only contacts on a single page
β€’ We protect you and your connections by allowing up to 25 messages at a time

#5 – Connections count & last sync date βœ…

β€’ Sync contacts and update LinkedIn:LeadDelta = 1:1

Please share your feedback with us:

Alpha v.1 is out! πŸŽ‰

Google approved us! We've launched the Alpha version 1.0 of LeadDelta. πŸš€

As Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn/PayPal would say: "If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late."

Please share your feedback at