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over 3 years ago

Tags v2, dealing with technical debt 👩🏼‍💻

  • Automated profile updates v3 – we can now update around 350 profiles a day if you keep your Leaddelta tab open. This will keep you safe, and it will help unlock YOUR data in one place. We've done 3 silent iterations on this feature to make sure that we got it right.
  • Tag manager v2 – now you can better manage your contacts by using the power of our v2 tags. Go ahead, knock yourself out and organize your contacts like you always wanted to.
  • 10x speed boost v2 – our latest Database restructure will give you a 10x boost in loading and manipulating data. Version3 will take it to the next level. Stay tuned.
  • CRM view – We've improved the CRM, table view of your connections.

Next up:
  • Moving front-end heavy-lifting to the back-end
  • Adding more filter options

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