Version 4.14 live NOW! 🎉 😊

LeadDelta Sidebar 2.0!

Hey 👋 wanna break free from the boundaries of your own LinkedIn network?
LeadDelta now lets you go beyond. We are silently releasing the Sidebar 2.0!

Add any-degree connections to LeadDelta
Acquire info about profiles outside of your network
Explore company page employees and add them too
Manage users outside of your network w/ Tags + Notes
Share network opportunities with your team
• Unlimited updates where possible

Words can't do justice to this feature, so check out this short demo. 👇

LeadDelta: NEW silent release ✨ 15 June 2023 - Watch Video
Hey there! 🙌 I'm excited to share with you the latest version of LeapDelta, which now allows you to import and enhance LinkedIn connections beyond just first-degree connections. With this new feature, you can easily add any-degree connections, organize, assign, add notes... ✅ ✨