The LeadDelta Inbox is here! Version 3.0 Live NOW. 🎉😊

Yes, we know that you have been waiting for this feature for a while! Now that it's here, let's shout it from the rooftops! 🎉 It does seem a bit naked, true, but we wanted to hear your opinion on the "clothes" we should put on it. We already have some ideas and will be working hard on the upgrades, but share your opinion with us and what you would need for this feature, and we hope to make it happen. The winter is coming, and we should all be ready for it. 😊 For now, you can:
  • List your conversations
  • Send a new Text Message
  • See the messages exchanged within one Single or Group Conversation
  • The conversations are not hosted on LeadDelta but your own LinkedIn. As soon as you log out of LinkedIn, LeadDelta Inbox Conversations disappear.
Watch this video to learn more:
LeadDelta 3.0 (14-Oct-2021) - Watch Video