New Improved Fixed
almost 3 years ago

Version 2.11 Live NOW! 🎉 😊

New & improved:
  1. Updated Disconnect/Remove confirmation popup with the number of Connections that will be affected.
  2. Updated Select All popover with the number of users that will be affected for Select All action.
  3. Tag uniqueness - Tag name will be unique. No double entries are allowed.
  4. Automatically Tag new Connections.
  5. Added Date Connected column to Connection Export to CSV.
  6. Removing the option to message a disconnected connection.
  • Export bug - We were exporting all connections and not only the selected ones.
  • Select All - Tag apply toast notification bug. The number of affected Connections is corrected.
  • Bulk Disconnect Users - We are letting the user choose to either disconnect from LI or remove the connection from LD.
  • Filter by Industry filters should all be working fine now.
  • Updating Profile doesn't update Date Connected anymore.